Day to Day Task #356

Create Social Media Content

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People who aren't here feel and get more involved. Our projects gets more attention, which leads to more people who wants to be involved.


While you working on interesting tickets or you found something nice or interesting, you should document it for social media and send it to .

This should contain:

  • a nice message (obligatory) in as many languages as possible (english[obligatory], german[optional], spanish[optional])
  • one or more pictures (optional) - no pictures of persons if they didn't explicitly say O.K.
  • links to wiki documentation about that topic (optional)
  • link people who are attended (optional) - if it's explicitly O.K. to tag them
  • other ideas are welcome (optional)

Harvested spinach, salad, tomatoes for lunch.
Nice Picture

If you like writing a little longer posts you could also create a guest blog post about a specific task/project or about your experience at the project in general.

If you need anything for that e.g. a camera, ask people in the project.


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Simon & Yvonne... do you have nice photos of the tasks you were working on? you could do some posts for us to post on fb :-)

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