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1114 Normal Create and Enhance Small Tickets Reviewed Franz Gatzke

As a developer i want to know what i can do so i can help with the project.


  • tickets that can be understood, worked on and completed in <4h
  • planned structure what needs to be done next


Each Ticket tracker will define a workflow which is different for each Role. Those have been defined to allow only correct transmissions. To understand the Workflows, several step-by-step descriptions and graphics have been created

more details of workflows can be extracted from Ghada's description in R-wiki (/projects/application/wiki/Documentation)


The following Roles apply for a single scrum-team. In order to scale, the teams have to multiply, not just the amount of a single role.

Junior Software Developer

  • Designs, develops and modifies modules based on functional and system requirements.
  • Work closely with the Team Leader for understanding the functional and system requirements.
  • Participate in testing process through unit testing and bug fixes.
  • Participate in daily scrum meetings
  • Participate in sprint planning
  • Work closely with the QA team, Product Management team, and the Research and Development manager to ensure quality and punctual software development within his/her responsibilities.

Senior Software Engineer / Team Leader

  • Responsible for planning, processing and performing all jobs in an efficient manner.
  • Working closely with upper management.
  • Design and develop programming systems making specific determinations about system performance.
  • Responding promptly and professionally to bug reports.
  • Review and repair legacy code.
  • Expected to conduct system analysis and development to keep our systems up to date with changing technologies.
  • Analyze, design, coordinate and supervise the development of software systems to form a basis for the solution of information processing problems.
  • Analyze system specifications and translate system requirements to task specifications for junior programmers.
  • Responsible for analysis of current programs including performance, diagnosis and troubleshooting of problem programs, and designing solutions to problematic programming.
  • Responsible for developing new programs and proofing the program to develop needed changes to assure production of a quality product.
  • Tests new programs to ensure that logic and syntax are correct, and that program results are accurate; assists lower-level programmers with programming assignments.
  • Document code consistently throughout the development process by listing a description of the program, special instructions, and any changes made in database tables on procedural, modular and database level.
  • Search, summarize and keep the team abreast of strategic information from all sources
  • Maintain client databases
  • Provide feedback to analysis/training staff about performance considerations / usability issues concerning software specifications and implementation.
  • Provide assistance to testers and support personnel as needed to determine system problems.
  • Review, to the extent possible, changes in code and the environment that will affect system performance.

Quality Assurance Manager

  • Develop and drive a high-level QA strategy, as well as take a hands-on approach to implementing that strategy.
  • Lead efforts to develop, document, and implement applicable QA processes and procedures to provide more effective quality methods within the group in support of providing quality products.
  • Create, implement, maintain, and enhance test plans, test scripts, and test methodologies that ensure exhaustive testing of all assigned software systems to ensure compliance with software/system specifications.
  • Develop software quality test plans and test cases, and lead in setting and maintaining the standards for Software Quality Assurance test documentation.
  • Be highly committed to create world class automation for regression and feature testing.
  • Design, implement, and maintain comprehensive test plans to ensure software requirements are met.
  • Collaborate with developers to improve overall product quality by emphasizing defect prevention throughout the development process.
  • Maintain a high degree of error free programs, procedures, systems, and documentation on all software application releases.
  • Anticipate potential software problems by creating exhaustive test scenarios that ensure comprehensive testing.
  • Document all testing results in conjunction with test plans.
  • Identify and analyze defects/test results and be able to deduct the chain of events leading to a failure.
  • Identify areas for test improvement through analysis, experience and use of metrics.
  • Communicate critical issues and status updates in a timely manner.
  • Educate and train peers and subordinates on the QA process and provide guidance to them when they are unclear about the process.
  • Provide coaching and guidance to the Quality Assurance Team on “best practices”.
  • Plan, organize, and monitor the execution of the work assignments for the Quality Assurance Team.
  • Ensure that the project schedule is adhered to and the work is completed according to the schedule.
  • Participate in daily meetings.
  • Manage processes for moving applications from test to production environments.
  • Establish and maintain good working relationships with peers in Product Development, Project Management, and Client Services, and with external clients.
  • Provide monthly reporting metrics to General Manager.

Software Test Engineer

  • Go through the software requirements and get clarifications on one’s doubts.
  • Become familiar with the software under test and any other software related to it.
  • Understand the test plan and/ or the project plan.
  • Participate in creating test plans.
  • Create test cases based on the requirements and other documents.
  • Create test data required for testing.
  • Create or participate in creating assigned test automation
  • Test software releases by executing assigned tests (manual and/ or automated)
  • Report defects with a detailed test result document for every implemented version.
  • Describe the whole scenario to reproduce the detected bug.
  • Re-test resolved defects.
  • Update test cases based on the discovered defects.
  • Update test automation based on the updated test cases.
  • Provide inputs to the team in order to improve the test process.
  • Report work progress and any problems faced to the QA Manager as required.
  • Keep himself/ herself up-to-date on the overview of the development technology, the popular testing tools (e.g. automated testing tools and test management systems).

Build and Release Engineer BRE

  • Ensure product performance and server load is within acceptable margins defined in the requirements gathering and design phases of the project.
  • Keeping track and maintaining history of all releases and builds.
  • Coordinating the use of user testing environments.
  • Ensuring the delivery of systems to the live environment meet the agreed quality expectations.
  • Assessing impact and control testing for concurrent projects and resources.
  • Ensure that integrity of the test environment, and associated data, is maintained.
  • Maintain Release notes up to date for all releases.
  • Assisting with the implementation planning and coordination.
  • Raising change requests for integrated releases.
  • Analyzing, coordinating and troubleshooting of activities.
  • Managing the pre-implementation activities.

Product Manager

General Manager

Client Services (Support)

Technical Project Manager

356 Normal Create Social Media Content Reviewed

While you working on interesting tickets or you found something nice or interesting, you should document it for social media and send it to .

This should contain:

  • a nice message (obligatory) in as many languages as possible (english[obligatory], german[optional], spanish[optional])
  • one or more pictures (optional) - no pictures of persons if they didn't explicitly say O.K.
  • links to wiki documentation about that topic (optional)
  • link people who are attended (optional) - if it's explicitly O.K. to tag them
  • other ideas are welcome (optional)

Harvested spinach, salad, tomatoes for lunch.
Nice Picture

If you like writing a little longer posts you could also create a guest blog post about a specific task/project or about your experience at the project in general.

If you need anything for that e.g. a camera, ask people in the project.

1033 Normal Document correspondence/collaboration with other projects Reviewed

To have a log about what we asked other projects and that we don't have two ask twice save your conversations. Please ask people you were talking with before publishing.

Document correspondence with other projects here:

1056 Normal Documentation Reviewed

Write Documentation right away or at least one day a week. (Friday is a good choice. ;) )

  1. Developer documentation
    • This is at docs/ and online at
    • Follow our JSDoc conventions for documenting all files, directories, functions and classes
    • When architecture or the structure of the project is changed, update the overview doc at docs/
    • Regenerate online developer documentation at least when docs/ has been changed
  2. User documentation
    1. The components: what are they EXACTLY
      1. Location, garden, bed, crop
    2. How to:
      1. Create a new bed/location/garden
      2. Add a crop to a bed without suggestions
      3. Add a crop to a bed using suggestions
      4. Fill out a bed schedule that has gaps
      5. Check the status of a bed
      6. Add crop or crop relationship information
      7. Submit a bug report/feedback
      8. Probably lots more to be added

Ticket needs to be enhanced

1238 Normal Extend the dataflow diagramm Reviewed

Extend the diagrams for dataflow:

Link to

View only

Complete specifications of user workflow
Also includes database specs and relationships

1237 Normal Extend the Datastructure diagram Reviewed

Extend the diagrams for datastructure:

Link to

View only

Complete specifications of user workflow
Also includes database specs and relationships

1023 Normal Extend the Workflow diagramm Reviewed

Extend the diagrams for workflow:

Link to

View only

Complete specifications of user workflow
Also includes database specs and relationships

411 Normal Farmos monthly meeting Reviewed
1119 Normal feedback from meeting attendees Reviewed

here we log feedback from attendees of the weekly dev meetings

1739 Normal housing projects: regular meetings, admin organisation and attending Reviewed

ticket for logging time

388 Normal keep a list of neighbouring projects to connect with updated and log attempts of contact Reviewed

it would be useful to compile a list of neighbouring projects that we can network with, invite over for events, go to visit, share knowledge, involve in our digital projects if they like

1918 Normal marketing: creating presentation material for events Reviewed

ticket for logging time

681 Normal monthly team meeting Eco Hacker Farm Reviewed
  1. prepare an agenda - - editing rights to be requested from Aimee / Franz if you haven't got them yet
  2. update link on the wiki - - you need to be registered and given editing rights (Aimee / Franz) :-)
  3. update calendar and add invitees - - editing rights to be requested from Aimee / Franz if you haven't got them yet
  4. promote on social media - we use hootsuite for this - log in details from Franz
  5. don't forget to tell Kim because I don't have his email address :-)
  6. take notes during the meeting - this will be always different according to the latest agenda link
959 Normal Software Requirement Specification Reviewed

Update Software Requirement Specifications in the wiki:

894 Normal try to attend monthly meetings Reviewed

Dates for 2017

May 10th - 1pm EST / 5pm UTC
June 14th - 1pm EST / 5pm UTC
July 12th - 1pm EST / 5pm UTC
August 9th - 1pm EST / 5pm UTC
September 13th - 1pm EST / 5pm UTC
October 11th - 1pm EST / 5pm UTC
November 8th - 1pm EST / 6pm UTC
December 13th - 1pm EST / 6pm UTC

to ask questions and clarify issues etc.

462 Normal updating of the wiki for Eco Hacker Farm Reviewed
530 Normal Write a blog article about the project(s) Reviewed

Write your impressions of the time/experience in the kuckucksmuehle and send it to:

Length should be between 300 - 500 words. You can also split stories to fit. :)

81 High schedule content for FB & twitter Reviewed

this is for all projects under the Eco Hacker Farm

member posts to be retreived from


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