• Eco Hacker Farm

    This about researching, learning, developing, testing, using, enhancing, creating content in our and other digital projects.

    E.g. Creating content in the wiki is using the infrastructure and goes in here. Adding features to the wiki goes into Digital Infrastructure....

    • FarmOS

      This is about collaboration with FarmOS to enhance, what we need in our project.

    • powerplant

      powerplant is a open source software that allows anyone planning a garden to utilize companion planting and other permaculture practices. It provides intelligent suggestions to help the gardener by advising the best planting schedules and combinations of crops to maximize the garden's yield. ...

    • Translations Project

      We would like our wiki to be available in various languages and keep the translations up to date.

      This subproject keeps track of which pages needed translating / updating and how much time is spent on this.

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